Live And Sound


It can be quite hard to remember everything you've done during the years, but hopefully I've got the most of the gigs on this list. Had a few gigs during my studies at the University but they are not included here.


2016.03.14 - 2016.05.27 Sound Engineer for the musical theatre "Boxaren" at Örebro Länsteater.

2015.10.30 - 2015.10.31 Sound Engineer for The Matchmen during their mini-tour in Norrbotten

2015.04.18 Minus 30 Grader Festival, Kulturens hus, Luleå.

2015.02.09 - 15.02.07 Sound Designer/Sound Engineer for the show 'Avgörande Ögonblick' at Norrbottensteatern, Luleå

2015.01 Mixing of hard drive recording for the band Terry Tourette, 14 songs

2014.12.25 FOH/Monitor, Stefan Gunnarsson with band, Western Farm in Boden

2014.12.06 Helping with setup for hard drive recording with the band Terry Tourette

2014.08.01 - 2014.12.19 Sound Engineer/Musician/Production Manager/Chauffeur for the show 'Lappricka Pappricka' at Norrbottensteatern in Luleå and on tour

2014.08.30 FOH/Monitor, Boden Cruising Pubnight, Bands: Rockers and Stefan Gunnarsson with band

2014.06.30 FOH/Monitor, Piteå Summer Games closing party for the volunteers, Bands: David Lindgren, Emma Bogren and Krutov & Company

2014.06.25 - 2014.06.29 Piteå Summer Games

2014.06.14 Midnattstrav V75, Boden

2014.05.29 Lecturer, a day with basic sound technology for Radio Arjeplognytt

2014.05.21 FOH/Monitor Spring mingle at Norrbottensteatern, Luleå

2014.05.07 - 2014.05.11 FOH at the dance show 'Tid' with Luleå Rytmik & Balettförening

2013.11.29 FOH/Monitor at Nordkalottens Julbord, Luleå

2013.12-01 - 2013.05.31 Sound Egineer for the show 'Att döda ett tivoli' and 'Dumstrut' at Norrbottensteatern in Luleå and on tour

2013.09.07 Monitor at Kulturnatta in Luleå

2013.08.29 Kulturnatta in Boden

2013.07.24 - 2013.07.27 FOH/Monitor at Havremagasinet during O-ringen in Boden

2013.07.20 FOH/Monitor, Flakasand Rock & Blues Festival

2013.06.17 - 2013.06.23 FOH/Monitor at Torp Konferensen, Örebro

2013.04 - 2013.05 Internship at Lemo Music AB, Örebro

2013.02 Founded my own business and became a Freelance sound engineer

2012.10 - 2013.01 Show technician, Dröse & Norberg Entertainment, Piteå Havsbad

2012.03 - 2012.05 Internship at United Audio Starlight AB, Stockholm