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Late Update


I admit, I have not been the best at updating this page and I can't promise anything but I sure will try to get better.

Like I said in my previous post I went on summer-tour with Molly Sandén for a few shows. After that I went on a nine months long theatre-tour with "Kärleken är fri!?". Really good year and it feels good to live in the southern parts of Sweden instead of up in the cold northern parts.


Right now I'm busy working at Spira in Jönköping on the musical Les Misérables. Really glad to have gotten this job doing the monitor sound for the ensamble and orchestra. Since it's not on tour I also get the time to be home when not working and networking to make new contacts.


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Musical, tour and theatre


So as you know I've been working in Örebro with the musical "Boxaren" during the spring. A great ensamble to work with and loads of fun!

Last weekend I was a stand in for Yes Mam Sound at the Molly Sandén-tour and had my premiere to do the sound at Liseberg (Göteborg) and Furuvik (Gävle). Also loads of fun and I willl see them a few more times during the summer!

Another thing that's new is that I'm booked for a new theatre-job, this time a touring one called "Kärleken är fri", starting in August.


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New job and soon a new town


Things are finally happening! First of all I started my new job at Örebro Länsteater on Monday this week. I will be working with the sound on their musical ”Boxaren” throughout the spring.

Secondly, 2,5 weeks from now I will move down to Huskvarna. So now I will be available for work all-around the southern parts of Sweden more easily, without the long travels like before. If you're interested in booking me for the summer, send an e-mail or give me a call.


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Are you interested in learning more about live sound? Are you a girl aged 13 or up? Then you can attend a workshop in Luleå held by me on March 5th.

For more information about registration, visit this Facebook-event: Workshop i Ljudteknik


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New year and new possibilities


Been a while since I last wrote something here. Last year was a bit slow when it came to working with sound, I took on another work just to be able so save some money since the plan is to move to the southern parts of Sweden. The search for a new apartment is still ungoing and hopefully I will get something soon. During Halloween-weekend last year I got the chance to do the sound for a band from Stockholm, The Matchmen, a really fun weekend and it was great to be out doing what I love again.

I'm currently planning some fun that's things coming up, of course involving working with sound, I will let you know more as soon as it's fully decided.


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Minus 30


Had a long and fun day yeasterday working at the Minus 30 Festival at Kulturens hus in Luleå. The bands playing at the restaurant stage were:

The Hanged man, Marlene, Kite and Style of Eye.


Tonight we will continue the mixing of Them legs upcoming EP.


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Editing and mixing


So the last two days have involved some editing and mixing, On Wednesday I made a work for a customer that wanted me to save a recording by fixing the levels and reduce the background noise.

Yesterday we were mixing for Them Legs upcoming EP (one of the bands that I play in) and tomorrow I will work at the Minus 30 Festival in Luleå!


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LLB 2015


Just got home from a week in Stockholm at the Audio, Video and Lighting Expo 2015. A week full of meeting new people and also people I haven't seen in a

long time, work meetings, networking and just having a great time.

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So I finally got myself in to making a homepage, welcome and I'm glad you've found it!

Here you can follow my work and see what I'm up to, some parts of the page is still under construction but will be fixed as soon as possible.


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